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At RIFT Accounting, financial management just got personal.

Whether you're looking to grow or start a Small Business, looking for help or advice as a Sole Trader, thinking about a new Start Up , or a Graduate considering your options, we're here for you every step of the way and the sky's no limit at all. We know how short of time you are, so we do everything we can to give you some of it back.

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What Does RIFT Accounting Do For The Self Employed?

If you're self-employed, that's great! RIFT Accounting can protect you from the dangers and help you seize the opportunities. Because you're more than just a number to us, we can get right under the hood of your business and keep its engine roaring. We can improve your prospects and help you to swim with the bigger fish.

What Does RIFT Accounting Do For Limited Companies?

If you wish to become a Limited Company, we can help:

  • incorporating your new Limited Company with Companies House.
  • register your company for PAYE (if needed).
  • register your company for VAT (if needed).


If you're already Limited Company and looking to use an accountant for the first time, we can go even further right away. With expert Account Managers and our fully cloud based systems, we can work with you remotely to save you money, time and hassle. Whatever your ambitions, our personal service and expert advice will make sure you're in the best possible shape to drive them forward.

Can I Switch To RIFT If I Already Have An Accountant?

If you've already got an accountant, but you're not getting what you want from them and are wondering what's involved in switching to RIFT then take a look at how to do it. We make it really easy for you.

Being a part of the RIFT Accounting Family means you will also have access to a huge range of expertise and advice from our partners and opportunities to work with other RIFT clients to share knowledge and experiences.

RIFT Accounting is the older brother your business never had. We love watching you grow, and we're always there when you need us.

It's all about you!

We're not machines, and we're not interested in churning out best-guess, cookie-cutter services for faceless clients we only know by their account numbers. We want to build something wonderful with you. We're all about getting our hands dirty and working together, how and when you choose.

The Clear Books software we use is friendly, secure and powerful enough to take all the guesswork and inconvenience out of your finances. You'll always know exactly where you stand, and we'll try and help you pick the best way forward.

Restore points and daily back-ups keep your information safe, and the cloud based system means you'll be able to work in real-time with your personal Account Manager from your office, your home - or wherever your adventures take you.

More importantly, whatever your industry or marketplace, your Account Manager will always understand your hopes and ambitions for your business. We pride ourselves on that, because taking your specific needs to heart is what sets us apart from the dreary, production-line accountants you're used to.

Ask us how we can help with business expenses advice, such as claiming for:

  • Mobile phone costs.
  • Working from home.
  • Vehicles and business travel.
  • Statutory business insurances.
  • Legal fees, bank charges and other professional expenses.

Chat with us about how we can build and safeguard your business together.

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