Young and in business?

Are you a young entrepreur?

Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you have an amazing product or service that’s either already out there or ready go to and you have the vision to see how it can scale up and delight your customers?

In fact you probably have a road map of how you are going to get there with clear markers along the way to show you how you are tracking. You believe in yourself, that the business will fly and are prepared to take a risk that you will make some serious cash in the future.

However, you are a bit worried about the whole financial and legal side. What structure do you need, how do you get funding when you need it, what sure about accounts and tax and all that stuff? You just want to get on doing what you do best and know there is always someone in the wings able to help me if the road gets bumpy or you take a wrong turn.

Does this sound like you?

If this sounds familiar, let us look after you. We help you learn everything you need to know to be successful in business and soak up all the know-how and experience we have to offer. We’ll be the person in the wings, will keep you on the straight and narrow, always with an eye on your business, keeping it competitive and growing your profits.

If you’d like to join our Young Entrepreneur community, then come on in! We already have some wonderful young entrepreneurs, including Ben Towers, currently listed no. 11 in the top teen power list, award winning Amy McManus of AM Marketing and the very impressive Matt Velvick from Commercial Cleaning.

In addition to our standard service (check out our prices) we are offering a free series of masterclasses for our young entrepreneurs that run throughout the year. These will cover:

1. Planning to win
2. Finding, winning and growing more profitable clients
3. Delivering an amazing customer experience AND reducing your costs
4. Using your accounts to track your progress
5. Bringing it all together with our special Profit Multiplier class

To make the most of what we have to offer send us a tweet, email or give us a call today. Whilst we are not all young (the youngest member of our team is 21, the oldest 47) we are all young at heart.

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