Making the LEAP with RIFT

The Launch Essentials Accounting Package

When you’re kicking off your new business, there’s a whole assault course of hoops to jump through and a mountain of numbers to crunch. Those early days can be rough, too, with 1 in 5 promising new businesses killed off within 12 months of setting up. You never get a second chance to take your first steps, so make your opening year a LEAP year with RIFT Accounting’s new ‘Launch Essentials Accounting Package’.

What's Included?

LEAP is the perfect launch pad for your dream business. If you’re just setting up or in the first 3 years of trading, it’s a full year of hands-on support and guidance from the UK’s leading small business experts. Whether you’re a Sole Trader or a Limited Company, your LEAP package will be tailored to your specific needs and ambitions. The package includes:

  • A custom service designed to build the business you want - and make sure it thrives.
  • A full 12 months of high-powered accounting software and the training to use it.
  • Specialised, one-to-one training over the phone to get you up and running.
  • Up to an additional 4 hours of ongoing support throughout the year.
  • Manuals, videos and other key support material.
  • Regular reviews to keep your plans on track, plus tips from our blog to sharpen up the cutting edge of your business.

Getting your bookkeeping right is incredibly important for any kind of business. Taking the LEAP with RIFT means world-class support with everything from Profit and Loss reports and balance sheets to full “aged debtor” breakdowns of unpaid invoices. These are the basic tools of the trade for businesses of all sizes, and learning how to use them well is essential in keeping a tight grip on your cash flow. With LEAP, your software links directly to most business bank accounts and everything’s handled securely in the cloud - so your business won’t die if your hard drive does.

It’s first-year cash flow crises that kills off so many young businesses before they’ve had a chance to plant their feet. The proper help at the proper time is the key to success, right from your earliest days. From Day One, you’ll have the full expertise and insight of RIFT Accounting’s small business specialists at your fingertips with LEAP. That means you’ll be making better decisions, and making them faster than ever before.

What Does It Cost?

RIFT’s all-new LEAP service including all software and support costs just £50 + VAT, then £20 + VAT per month (which is only £270 + VAT per year) or, if you prefer you can pay £250+VAT for the full year upfront.

There are no hidden fees or catches, and the cost is completely tax-deductible. On top of all that, signing up with LEAP also gives you access to special discounted rates on other RIFT Accounting services. After your first LEAP year ends you can choose to keep it rolling – or even expand and adapt your package to suit your changing needs. LEAP grows and changes with your business, so wherever your journey takes you, you’ll never have to go it alone.

How Do I Start?

It only takes a phone call or email to get your Launch Essentials Accounting Package started, so let’s turn that one small step into a giant LEAP for your business.

Call 01233 653006 and chat to us today.

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