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If you're among the forty thousand people we've already helped with one of our other services, then you already know what we're all about and why you should team up with us. Maybe you've used our Tax Refund service to get back money you've overpaid, or secured a valuable subsidy from HMRC with our Research & Development Tax Relief experts. Perhaps we've helped you navigate the treacherous, shark-infested waters of Capital Allowances, reaching dry land with a treasure trove of reclaimed tax on your commercial property values or helped you review the status of your workers with RIFT Legal Services.

Now that we're already friends, it might be time to kick the training wheels off and see what RIFT Accounting can really do.

RIFT Accounting is ready to open the throttle on your business, fine-tuning every moving part and clearing the road ahead for you. We know all the short-cuts to hit and accident black-spots to avoid.

Better yet, since you're already with us and we have your details, getting on-board with RIFT Accounting couldn't be easier.

Talk to us now to get the engines roaring, or head over to our Services page to learn more about what RIFT Accounting can do for you.

RIFT Accounting Bridges the Gaps

At RIFT Accounting, we're more than book balancers - we're financial bridge builders, closing the gap between your business and the services that bigger players offer. We're the link you need to deal with HMRC and Companies House, and much more besides when you’re smaller or just starting out.

Because we don't do one-size-fits-all, we can grow with you. You decide what services you need and we bring them to you. We'll stand guard over your business as it grows, and make sure you're ready for every pitfall and opportunity.

When you decide the time is right, we'll help you fly our nest and make the leap to the next level.

Our payment terms couldn't be simpler. We charge a straight forward monthly fee. When you're ready to start we'll need, a one-off card payment by phone or bank transfer for the first month and after that, a monthly direct debit takes care of everything. If you already have a business bank account then we can set you up with a monthly Direct Debit right away. There's never any hidden charges or painful extras. We're not going to dump any nasty surprises on you and your set-up fees with Companies House and HMRC are all included.

Call us on 01233 653006 and see how we can help you today.


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