The Safety Net and the Bad Workshop Advice

Monday September 5, 2016

Hi Nettie @ The Safety Net

Just wanted to drop you a line to say ‘thank you’ for your time the other day, and I am so glad I spoke to my bank who introduced me to yourself and RIFT Accounting after the workshop I attended, and that they encouraged me to get an accountant.

I now feel much more confident about what I am doing and happy that I will be supported in my new business. Also the advice I have now received from yourselves will save me time and money – as I would have just struggled through if I had taken the advice I was given at the workshop I attended at face value.

Best regards Tabitha


Hi Tabitha

Thanks very much for the email and I am still ‘gobsmacked’ by the ‘advice’ you were given.

When you attend any workshops aimed at a start up business, I would expect the advice to be fairly generic, but also for specifics to be answered.

The fact that you had made it clear that you were buying a business with staff and that you had not run one yourself before, I would have thought would have set you apart, and to be told you wouldn’t need the ‘expense’ of an accountant for at least a year – well you can’t make that up!

I often say ‘you can’t put a price on bad advice’ – but in this case this would have cost you time, which could have been spent on the business and a lot of frustration, and now you can be confident with regards to various matters that were concerning you.

I would suggest that whoever is running these workshops has limited knowledge as to how a business operates and although I won’t – I would love to name and shame. This once again highlights another blog I wrote recently: The Safety Net and Networking

On the plus side I am really pleased you took the advice of the local bank manager you spoke to, who I know shared my view, and that between us we were able to rescue this situation.

What I would say is share this blog, share the bad advice you received at the workshop you attended and share your experience of speaking with RIFT Accounting – hopefully we can rescue some more start up businesses from this poor workshop advice.

Speak soon Nettie

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