The Canterbury UNconference November 17th

Monday October 31, 2016

An international social media speaker, a castle proprietor and an award winning jeweller are just some of the people booked on to this years’ UNconference (17 November 2016) and we are starting to feel a buzz of excitement and anticipation as the event gets closer.

The organisers RIFT Accounting and Canterbury City Council’s StartMyBiz and GrowMyBiz, along with Paul Andrews from The Business Bunker Radio are certainly ready!
Chris West from Canterbury City Council commented ‘With more people booked than attended last years’ successful event, and with additional tickets having been released, we are looking forward to an excellent day’

So as an ‘attendee’ in a room full of business owners, business decision makers and entrepreneurs, what should we be considering to be ready for the day and get the most from it?.
Well there is the obvious, bring your business cards, lots of energy and an open mind.

So what is an UNconference all about?

‘The beauty of an UNconference is the unconventional approach that it adopts. It is an excellent opportunity to spend a day with successful business leaders, share their entrepreneurial journeys and encourage others to do the same’ according to Nettie Bunn from RIFT Accounting.

An attendee of last years’ UNconference summed the day up as follows; “It’s an UNconference, whoever comes along, they are the right people, and whatever happens, is the only thing that could have happened – so be prepared to be surprised!

Another top tip for the day is to follow the law of ‘two feet’ - “If at any time during the day you find yourself in a situation where you feel you are suddenly not learning or contributing, use your two feet and go to another part of the UNconference where you can do both.

Before the day, have a think about what it is you would ideally like to learn more about to apply to your own business – Is it to listen to others business journeys? Is it to know your way around social media better? Is it around communication, growing, selling a business? Whatever it is – don’t be afraid to say so on the day!

There will be opportunities to pitch your own business, possibly run a workshop or even have a stand throughout lunch to promote your company – just ask for further details.

For More Information

For any questions or further information – please go to the Unconference website and leave a reply at the bottom of the page and we will come back to you

If you want to start the conversation about your ideas now please send us a tweet  at @RIFTAccounting @RIFTAnnette @Start_mybiz @Grow_mybiz

Looking forward to seeing you all at the UNconference!

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