The Safety Net and The Pit Team

Thursday June 30, 2016

Hi Nettie @ The Safety Net

I have been recommended your services at RIFT to look after my business for accounting, but I understand that you are a large company and I am concerned that my small business would be too small and get lost in a big business.

Am I correct in thinking that a small business should go with a ‘small accountants’, maybe one that does all the services, so they get to know my business better?

I do however love your transparency of costs and the support I believe RIFT offers so would love to hear your views



Hi Charlotte

Thanks so much for your email and I am so pleased our services have been recommended to you.

RIFT is proud to be a growing family owned business and we believe that all clients are important.

In RIFT Accounting we work in small teams called ‘PODS’, rather than a traditional accounting partnership structure, which means that you would get to know your team or POD and they would get to know you.

For instance, the team will have an accountant, payroll clerk, book-keeper and business admin assistant and you will get to know the relevant people in the team.

We believe it is better to have a small team to look after clients than as you may have feared something big and impersonal!

Think of a formula one team – if there was only one person to change all the tyres, refuel the car, jack the car up etc., it would take much longer for the ‘pit stop’ and slow down the car – also what do you do when the one person who does everything is on holiday or unwell?

By surrounding you with your own dedicated ‘formula one’ pit stop team, there is always a specialist available to deal with any aspect of your business, and also a team that is big enough to cover any absence.

There are of course some excellent ‘small accountants’ out there, and it is of course up to you to shop around.

Can I suggest you come in and meet us, along with the team that would look after your accountancy needs – you may find this re-assuring.

In business, I am regularly quoted as saying about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and I believe our ‘pit team’ are exactly that.

Look forward to meeting you soon Charlotte

Best wishes Nettie

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