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Wednesday February 10, 2016

Dear Nettie at the Safety Net,

Since I started my business I experienced that feeling ‘that I needed to build something’ so was out and about all the time networking and arranging meetings which went really well.

But I’ve realised now that I am constantly saying’ I’ll do that later’, and there is also loads in the in-tray that I don’t seem to get a chance to look at – it’s all starting to feel a bit overwhelming – any ideas?



Dear Pauline

Firstly, what you are saying is the same comment that so many other business owners experience and if there is any consolation, it is that this is normal.

It is fantastic that you have built up a network of contacts and that will mean that potentially your business is being discussed amongst other business owners and hopefully you have used the business cards collected at events to connect on LinkedIn and twitter.

However the most important thing to remember is that there is only ever ONE priority and that is the customer. Everything else can wait.

So your first job is to look at the ‘I’ll do that later’ pile and take the time to go through it properly thinking purely of the potential customers. Set yourself some questions as you go through the pile, for instance:

1. Is this a potential client?
2. Could this be a potentially large client with good connections?
3. Will this be someone who will introduce me to other contacts which could create work for me?

Now look at the in-tray and do the same exercise as above.  This will give you the real answers, as to what you have to do, and will mean you can now manage your workload.

Now you can prioritise who you have identified as clients and potential clients, everything else will just have to wait.  

By doing this, you should also be able to get back out there networking and finding new contacts to grow your business – it really is about being organised rather than overwhelmed 

Hope to see you out and about again soon

Good luck


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