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Wednesday February 3, 2016

Dear Nettie at The Safety Net,

I have a business idea that I really want to work with, but I have lots of obstacles to overcome to get there – it seems it’s easier for other people to start a business than me as they have people to support them and access to finance that I don’t have- is it worth me trying at all?

Look forward to hearing from you.



Dear Richard,

To some extent, we make our own luck!

I have a favourite Dr. Seuss quote, which I often recall;

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."

If you have a great idea and you are determined to pursue it, then find a way! There is loads of help available for all aspects of starting a business.

However, my concern to be honest is that instead of looking at your own idea and how successful it could be, you are focused on everybody else, and it seems you have the idea that it's ‘easier for everyone else’.

We all accept that to some extent life doesn’t always seem fair, and it’s easy to have the excuse that it was ‘alright for them because ... ’

I have met people from affluent backgrounds, family businesses, those who have inherited large sums of money etc. and I can assure you they often also have obstacles to overcome, often pressure is put on them to take over a business they didn’t actually want, or living up to expectations, which have their own pressures, it certainly isn’t always easy. Having said that, many of them step up to the plate and do a fabulous job.

To be honest there’s no value in deciding it is easier for everyone else, I would put that thinking out of your mind.

If there are successful people you admire, instead of thinking, it’s OK for them because…, contact them, ask to meet them, get LinkedIn with them, follow them on twitter, this is far more worthwhile, and who knows who you will meet and what potential paths this may take.

If you are serious about making this work – then do so, but don’t do it unless your focus is clear. Business is often an obstacle course, so it’s great you are identifying them already, now you need to work on successfully negotiating your way through.

REMEMBER focus on your own business, all other businesses are potentially competition with their own obstacles to overcome!

Very best of luck! Nettie




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