The Luminaries Lighting Up the Kent UNconference

Monday November 9, 2015

ENTREPRENEURS will be intrigued to hear that a diverse group of successful business leaders and local luminaries are attending the Kent UNconference, to share their own entrepreneurial journeys and encourage other delegates to do the same.

Inspirational Music

Award winning recording artist, Kris Searle, will open the UNconference with 2 of his hit songs, before giving the inside track on his incredible journey to success. Following his many triumphs in America, Kris returned to Herne Bay at the start of the year, bringing home his record label, Inspire U Records and his new coaching business. He has since built the world’s first and only recording studio on a pier! Kris has some fascinating stories and business advice to share from both sides of the pond and UNconference attendees will be sure to learn a great deal from his experiences, as well as thoroughly enjoying his live performance.

The UNconference Expert

Steve Schmidt is the thought leader behind the Boston UNconference, which attracts around 4,000 delegates. About the unusual format Steve says “It’s an UNconference, whoever comes along, they are the right people, and whatever happens, is the only thing that could have happened – so be prepared to be surprised!” Steve is also one of the founders of Quivum, who develop technology to give early warning signs to asthma sufferers and he has recently expanded his U.S. company into the UK market. He will be on hand on the day to give advice and share his story. His top tip is to follow the ‘Law of Two Feet’, “If at any time during the day you find yourself in a situation where you feel you are suddenly not learning or contributing, use your two feet and go to another part of the UNconference where you can do both.”

Merging Meaning & Sensuality

atmos is an award-winning, multidisciplinary art, architecture and design practice. Headed up by charismatic Director Alex Haw, atmos employs cutting edge digital fabrication and digital mapping to create stunningly imaginative, yet practical, sculptural designs for public installations and bespoke residential environments. As one of the winners of the recent Twitter #Pitch2Win competition, Alex will be speaking at the UNconference and you can catch a preview of his talk on Business Bunker radio, 1-3pm on Tuesday 10th November. About the UNconference he says, “It's always a great idea for entrepreneurs to extract themselves from their businesses to compare, exchange and trade knowledge. The UNconference looks both inclusive and inspiring, inviting everyone to participate rather than just spectate."

Your Extraordinary Life

Severine Hierso-Hagberg is founder of eXalt Lifestyle, which provides Personal & Business Concierges, Lifestyle Managers, Business Consultants and VIP experiences to its members. Severine says the idea to create eXalt came to her because “As a working mother with a busy social life and a love of travel, I wanted to create more time in my schedule to spend relaxing with my family, without compromising my successful career or the smooth running of my home. In short, I needed eXalt’s services myself!” As Severine was our other #Pitch2Win winner you can catch her on Business Bunker on Kent Business radio on Tuesday 7th November 1-3pm and discover her secrets to ‘having it all’ when you hear her talk at the UNconference.

With this great line-up of interesting luminaries the Kent UNconference is shaping up to be a highlight of Global Entrepreneurship week, so don’t miss out, register for your free place here:

The Kent UNconference is being organised by RIFT Accounting and Canterbury County Council’s StartMyBiz and GrowMyBiz projects and sponsored by Advantage Business Partners. It will take place on 19th November at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge. If you have a query call Jane Ollis at RIFT Accounting on 01233 653006. Follow @StartMy_Biz or @GrowMyBiz on Twitter and for tips and advice check out the blog and event pages on and


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