Small Business Base Camp Interviews Episode 2

Wednesday May 27, 2015

Business Bunker LogoAt Kent 2020 Paul Andrews and Jules Serkin, assisted by Phil Thorne on the sound desk, welcomed seasoned adventurers into the Base Camp to share their small business knowledge with the new recruits in a pop-up Business Bunker on our stand. We're not only here to help you with your accounts. We're here to make sure you have everything you need to make your small business a success. It was so busy, and the interviews are so packed with information, that for the first time in ages Paul and Jules actually lost their voices!

The interviews will be released, 3 per week, on the Business Bunker Show every Tuesday from 1pm for the next month, starting on 19th March with show 225.

You can download or stream the second set of interviews. They make up the second half of the show, but you really should listen to the whole thing. It's an excellent show.

In episode two we hear from Jo Smith, Adrain Wenn and Dan Little.

Jo Smith

HR GO LogoJo is Regional Director of recruitment agency HR GO.

In her interview Jo talks about the importance of finding the right candidate for the roles you have in your business - whether you are taking on your first employee. growing an existing team or looking for temporary cover. With the economy picking up, and the government making lots of promises about job creation and falling unemployment figures on the one hand, and with candidates wanting to take more control over work/life balance when considering where and how to work. it is vital that small businesses think deeply about recruiting the right people in the right way to support their development.

HR GO have been established in Kent for over 60 years. They build long-term relationships with clients so that they are able to understand requirements more exactly and match-make more successfully more often.

Adrian Wenn


Integritas LogoAdrian is a consultant with Integritas Financial Solutions.

In his interview Adrian discusses the changes in the UK finance market over the last few years and the impact that has had on small business. He also provides an introduction to the world of alternative finance, an area which is provding increasingly crucial support for small businesses looking to grow, but about which very little is often known outside of the finance world. Adrian talks about the importance of finding the right kind of funding and investment, and how this is as individual as each business. What is best for you depends on your own position, aims and objectives. This is an entirely new world for many people already on a steep learning curve as a business owner and Adrian talks about how it is vital to get the right advice, to do the right preparation, how to apply and how to create achievable plans before diving in to the first option that you find.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new commercial property, raise funding against your existing property, fund cashflow for a growing business or seeking short term bridging finance, Integritas Financial Solutions will take the time to understand your business to ensure that thery find the most appropriate funding solution for you.

As the UK banking industry starts to reshape itself after the turmoil of recent years, many owners of small and medium sized businesses find that they need help and support to identify and secure the right kind of finance. With over 60 years combined Banking experience Integritas is able to sit on your side of the table and help you achieve a positive response to funding requests. 


Dan Little

JBrand LogoDan is the Director of JBrand.

In his interview Dan discusses working in partnership with RIFT to provide mutual help and support to the clients of both organisations and the importance of partnerships and collaboration for small businesses. Meeting us initially through the JIB (Joint Industry Board) who referred him to our RIFT Research and Development division as having a possible tax credits claim, Dan also talks through the process of making an R&D T claim, how he was surprised (as many are) that the work of his orgnaisation qualified for R&D tax relief, and what he was able to claim back.

JBrand is an electrical contracting and repair business based in London. The company was founded in 1933 and today still operates with the same guiding principle of "Customer Service" underpinning all its many core activities.

You can also see a video case study of JBrand on the RIFT Research and Development website.


You can see all the pictures from our day at Base Camp over on our Face Book page.

Check back next week for the next exciting installment of RIFT Small Business Base Camp!

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