Ben Towers: The Origin

Thursday January 22, 2015

He's got nerves of pure steel...
He's got the strategic brilliance of a Chess grand master...
We're pretty sure he once punched an evil robot's head right off...

He's Ben Towers and we’ll be keeping you up to date with his thrilling adventures every month in Tales From The RIFT!

Ben Towers was just eleven years old when he was first bitten by the entrepreneur bug, granting him superhuman clarity of vision, heightened strength of purpose and  a mystical "business sense" that alerts him to opportunity. Now sixteen, he employs a staff of fifteen people in his digital media business, Towers Design and has travelled the world to give both practical business advice and inspiring motivational speeches.

Daring and talented, he's just as much at home negotiating the murky swamps of business banking rules as he is free-climbing his way to a Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Ben Towers is the perfect example of a  RIFT Accounting adventurer, and this is his story...

Even the most seasoned explorer will still approach unfamiliar terrain with caution and preparation. Ben's preternatural ability to scout ahead for prospects and dangers were honed early by overcoming obstacles posed by his very age. The ability to open a business bank account, a mysterious and arcane ritual taken for granted by the vast majority of the business world, is restricted to those over eighteen, along with fundamental building blocks like merchant accounts and payment gateways.

Flanked by his faithful canine sidekick, Marley, he's negotiated the rocky landscape and unknown perils of crowdfunding, mastered the complex languages and customs of professional bodies like the FSB and battled his way to acceptance as a true entrepreneur. Facing down these challenges has been key in Ben's continued success and remains the focus of much of his lobbying and campaigning work with the fabled Halls of Power at Westminster.

From building websites for friends and family to helping over five hundred clients realise their digital dreams, Ben Towers has leapt every lava crevasse and wrestled every crocodile the business world has sent his way. Be amazed, be inspired and watch out for more thrilling adventures from RIFT Accounting's favourite teenaged tycoon... same Ben Time, same Ben Channel!

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