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Monday November 3, 2014

What do small businesses want from an accountant?

Word of mouth still seems to be the strongest single influence in choosing an accountant, with recommendations being the decisive factor for 65% of businesses. About half of the people asked have stuck with the first accountant they hooked up with and never seriously looked into alternatives. Those that have switched have mostly made the leap for the sake of better service and ability.

Above all else, what the study showed was that business owners value communication with their accountants. Overwhelmingly, people want to be able to get hold of their accountants on their own terms, as and when they need them - with accessibility via email and phone being the major preferences. Understandably, fewer than a quarter of them wanted to trudge to their offices and meet them in person.

Perhaps most telling of all are the responses given when Clear Books asked what service people wanted that they couldn't currently get. Advice on budgeting and business strategy eclipsed all other answers combined - more than anything, small business owners are asking for expert guidance custom-built for their needs.

What Small Businesses Want Their Accountant to Help With:

  • 32% Business strategy.
  • 24% Budgeting.
  • 14% Payroll.
  • 10% General Advice.
  • 9% Business Services.
  • 7% Nothing.
  • 4% Tax.

Research like this is what RIFT Accounting and Clear Books are founded on. It's not enough to crunch numbers any more.  We're the personal trainer your whole business is crying out for, helping you pack on some serious muscle and get ready to lift with the Big Guys.

Call us on 01233 653006 and see how we can help you today.

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