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Join Us In The Business Bunker On Tuesdays At 1pm

Throughout 2016 RIFT Accounting is again teaming up with Kent Business Radio to sponsor The Business Bunker Show.

Join RIFT in The Counting House every month for advice, entertainment and to hear inspirational guest speakers.  

The show is every Tuesday from 1-3pm, hosted by Paul Andrews and Jules Serkin, and features guests and topics talking about all manner of useful and interesting things to do with small businesses. You can phone in or email and Tweet to @bunkershow with your questions either live or ahead of time.

If you can't listen live, never fear, all shows are recorded and can be downloaded from the Bunker Site.

Past Shows To Download

Upcoming Topics

  • The options for starting a business and what is best for your needs: self-employed, sole trader, Ltd Co, partnership, social enterprise?
  • What is the difference between accountancy, book keeping and auditing?
  • Crowdfunding. Busting myths, Counting exploring the different platforms, tax liabilities, the rules around equity and investment
  • Raising Investment. Equity, shareholders, government schemes such as SEIS, Angels, VC, loans etc
  • Can accoutancy change the world?
  • Business Banking. What are the rules, what should you look for, getting the most from the relationship with your bank.

If you have a topic you would like us to discuss on the show then please let us know.

You can also catch up on all topics under discussion on the Business Bunker blog.

The Business Bunker will also be on taking part in our Small Business Base Camps, on site to record workshops and presentations and interview people at the event.

Call us on 01233 653006 and see how we can help you today.

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