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Chris Gaze

Senior Accountant

Chris is ACA (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales) qualified and has worked in accounting practices of varying sizes since the turn of the century on a variety of accounting, auditing and tax assignments for many different industries.

Chris spent his early life on a farm, before the irresistible will of fate called him away to a life in accountancy. The thirteen years of training that followed were exacting, but he emerged a Senior Accountant with great knowledge at his command.


Meet Chris Gaze


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Selected as one of Accountancy Age's 35 Under 35 Best and Brightest Accountancy Talents in the UK 2015

Annette Bunn

Partnership Manager

Annette has a wide-ranging background in banking, business development and business support, has supported start-ups and worked for a CiC. Her intensive, first-hand experience in the running and development of her own successful company accounts for her understanding of the need to work on - and not just in - a business.


Cultured and passionate, the intensity of  Annette's love of Greek holidays, good red wine and property development is matched by her vigorous support of RIFT's critical business relationships. Whether visiting remote ski resorts or fulfilling a lifelong dream of ballooning across the Serengeti, the net of connections she weaves wherever she goes forms a vital piece of the safety equipment RIFT's clients rely on. Wherever they are in the world, whatever they may be doing,  Annette will assemble the best team for the job.

Dermot Kennedy

Finance Director

Dermot has over 25 years of experience in accountancy and finance under his belt, working in businesses all over the world. Before joining RIFT Group, he worked in London for Virgin Group and in Australia for Parbury plc. As Financial Controller for one of Ireland's largest recruitment companies, he was responsible for its successful floatation on the Alternative Investment Market.


International accounting daredevil Dermot walks a deadly knife-edge between his public and secret personae. By day a pivotal RIFT Group member, his after-hours identities have spanned everything from restaurant ownership to running a bespoke consultancy offering Virtual Finance Director services. It is rumoured he has evolved beyond the need for sleep.



Michael Gallivan


Michael has worked in accountancy since 1983, with an impressive range of clients. Over the years, he has worked with deep-sea divers, auction houses, bailiffs and even Medway's first kissagram service.


Whether holidaying in Cancun's Moon Palace or analysing profit and loss forecasts for the Leysdown dodgems, Michael approaches everything with the same laser-focused commitment. He's the living embodiment of the ideal RIFT Warrior. 

Sarah Fox


Sarah is an experienced and AAT-qualified accountant with a strong track record of managing accounts departments and a hunger for challenges. Joining RIFT Accounting in December 2014, she's building on her already considerable achievements by handling multiple clients while studying with the ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants).


Focused, dynamic and able to outpace a coyote with a rocket pack on foot, Sarah Fox is the latest adventurer to race her way into the RIFT. The intense physical training that saw her surviving marathons in Brighton and London make the life of a RIFT explorer a natural choice for the fastest accountant on two legs. There are no properly qualified coyote accountants, but we're pretty certain she could beat them too.


Meet Sarah Fox


Rachel Hopkins


Rachel is an AAT-qualified accountant who has previously worked for one of the top 20 UK firms for 6 years. She spent 3 years in auditing, during which time she audited firms as far afield as the Falkland Islands. Her current plans include completing her ACA studies.

The fearless Rachel has performed accounting duties in some of the harshest conditions known to mankind. From the gruelling physical demands of chasing after her young family at home to facing down the notoriously vicious penguin hordes of the Falklands, she laughs in the beak of danger.

Victoria Sharp


A key asset to RIFT's accounting team, Victoria completed her AAT qualification in 2012. She's now looking to continue her studies, working toward full ACCA qualification.


A life in the RIFT is not for the faint of heart, and Victoria demonstrates exactly what it takes to make it your home. A sky-diver, bungee-jumper and lover of international travel, she always returns to the most exhilarating pursuit of all – accounting.



Daniel Buckles-Cooper

Junior Accountant

Daniel is a RIFT veteran, having earned his stripes in our Tax Refunds department for 2¾ years, he made a huge difference to the lives of many customers, claiming back overpaid tax they they didn’t know they were entitled to. Ready for a new challenge he climbed the stairs to RIFT Accounting to begin a new life as a junior accountant. Daniel is here to help you with completing CIS, VAT and self-assessment returns to training clients on Clearbooks accounting software and assisting with accounts preparation. He's currently studying for his AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting.

A collector and curator of retired racing greyhounds, Daniel knows what it is to live life in accounting's fast lane. Quick with his wits and fast on his feet, RIFT considers him the John Travolta of accountancy.

Marie Backler

Business Development Consultant

Marie joined the RIFT Group after 25 years in a variety of business banking roles. She combines broad-ranging experience with a keen passion for customer service. It was that same dynamic attitude that drew her to RIFT Group, along with the opportunity to meet new and varied clients.


Marie is the perfect storm – a high-energy hurricane of enthusiasm, experience and adventurousness. If we had to build the consummate RIFT Business Development Consultant in a laboratory, it would look a lot like her. She dances at the slightest provocation.

Justyna Deidda


Having co-run a very successful small business for over ten years, Justyna has incredible depth of knowledge across many accountancy fields and is an expert in self-employment. She speaks fluent Polish, Russian, Italian and English, and has held several roles within RIFT including Claims Processing, Business Development and running Rift International to look after the needs of migrant workers.


One language wasn't enough for Justyna, so she mastered four. She had an interest in cuisine, so she built a restaurant. An expert in turning drive into lasting success, Justyna lives life the RIFT way.

Catherine Hopkins

Administrator and Payroll Assistant

Catherine joined the team as our first ever Apprentice, working towards a Level 2 qualification as an IT Application Specialist. For us this was great news and we learnt a lot from her about specialist software and how you can use IT to improving your productivity.

Having now finished her apprenticeship with RIFT Accounting, Catherine is joining our Payroll department at RIFT Accounting as she continues her accounting journey.

Asked why she wanted to do her apprenticeship with Rift Accounting she said she loved the idea of working with a local rapidly growing company with fantastic people. We promise we lived up to her expectation! In her spare time she loves reading and cooking so if you drop by the office you might find there are some tasty treats to try.

Bradley Post

Commercial Director

Bradley was previously a consultant at Accenture for ten years, and has worked extensively with a range of blue chip clients. He brings a detailed understanding of the very specific needs of businesses as they are starting up or scaling up.


A thrill-seeker without equal, Bradley traded the tumultuous life of a pharmacologist for the danger and excitement only RIFT Accounting can offer. Enraged by the high, unnecessary costs of conventional accountants, he decided to beat them at their own game. Bradley's motto is "you swim with the sharks, or you sleep with the fishes."

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