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G and C Media LogoG and C Media is the publisher of Host Magazine, a publication dedicated to keeping independent licensees, owners and managers informed and ahead of the game. As a proud Resident of the RIFT, we asked publisher Chris Callander for a few words about how and why he welcomed RIFT Accounting onto his team.

The Journey Begins...

Host Mag coverG and C Media started out providing editorial services. Business 2 Business magazine Editor Suzanne Callander had originally gone self employed as publishers were increasingly using freelancers for their cost-effectiveness. When the opportunity arose for the company to acquire its own publication as well as working on behalf of other parties, they made the leap to becoming a publisher themselves.

The first challenges they faced will be familiar to many RIFT explorers. They knew what they wanted to achieve, but weren't clear on how to go about getting there. It was obvious they'd need the right tools and support, from cloud accounting to detailed advice on the laws and regulations they'd be dealing with, so they started looking for someone to explain it all without cluttering up the conversation with obscure and outdated jargon. They needed a tailored service from someone prepared to work closely with them, rather than a production-line accountant on an hourly rate. They were particularly concerned with getting the fine details right - knowing what to record and how to keep their paperwork straight.

The Right Tool for the Job

As the number of contracts G and C Media were taking on grew, they took a hard look at the scope of the business and saw that what had seemed like an opportunity to expand was actually a necessity. They quickly realised the tax benefits of forming a Limited Company and started looking into their options. Business planning was clearly a priority, and as they were already in the process of acquiring a magazine they decided they'd need someone to keep their books in order to avoid mistakes.

Host MagazineThey started looking into accountants, using recommendations and investigating the kinds of services and price structures they offered. It was BSK, a company set up to help ambitious people grow their businesses, who first put them in touch with RIFT Accounting. Straight away, it was clear that this was a good fit for G and C Media's needs. They were going to need to learn a lot, and RIFT's ability to offer personal support was just what the doctor ordered.

The Accountants of Tomorrow

Since Limited Company accounting was unexplored territory for G and C Media, they opted to come in and speak to RIFT face-to-face and discuss their goals. They were pleased to find that the RIFT approach was exactly what they needed, with its focus on protecting and nurturing clients rather than simply crunching their numbers for them. They also felt that RIFT could teach them how to turn their financial information into something with real-world use - and at a fraction of the cost of traditional accountants.

RIFT's service was very much in line with G and C's vision of their future, blending rock-solid accounting with a strong focus on looking out for clients' needs.

The Story So Far

Host Magazine PageG and C Media is now set up and primed for rapid growth. It's already expanded to the point of needing VAT registration, and a PAYE scheme is on the way as well. RIFT has advised the company on the best way to structure itself and to draw money from the business as Directors. Chris has even been able to leave his former position and work full-time at his own company. They use world-class cloud accounting software to keep their finances accurate and transparent, and love being able to talk to their friends at RIFT whenever they have a question.

Since becoming RIFT Residents, G and C Media have been able to develop a much clearer understanding of their business and its position. There's so much more to the service than pumping out paperwork and submitting returns. It's not just about bean-counting; it's about making those beans count.

Moving Forward

With RIFT on their team, G and C Media is already working on another media venture. With the solid grounding they've established together, they've been able to look into new ways to invest in the business and extend their portfolio. They've got a clear picture of their financial position at all times, along with the resources, support and confidence to tackle whatever the future holds.

About G and C Media

Chris and Suzanne Callander of G and C MediaCapturing the attention of the reader is not down to luck. It’s about presenting information that engages, in a well-targeted style and format that makes it easy to access and compelling to absorb.

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